New builds available

We've uploaded new versions of the Cardset database and Cardgames Deluxe. The cardset database uses the same cardset library as Cardgames in this new version. Several bugs are fixed in the cardgames database. 176, 306 and deck cardsets will no longer be zipped if you add them to the database.

New version of Cardgames Deluxe

We've uploaded a new version of the game in the download area. Some bugs are fixed and we replaced the old cardset load routines.

New site

Welcome to our new site. There is still much to be done, but there is a new site with all cardsets. To download all cardsets please register. In the download section you can find the new setup files for Cardgames deluxe (6.5.5) and the Cardgames Database (2.5). We will do updates more often in the future.

New cardgames version uploaded

There is a new version of Cardgames Deluxe in the download area. The version number is now 6.5.8. Several bugs are fixed and most of the score system is in place in the Klondike game.

New klondike version

In the download section is a new version of Cardgames Deluxe. Several bugs are fixed and double click is added to the Klondike game.